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Dr. Cara Hartman from Therapeutic Health

Brent and Cara discuss why she chose to go into medicine, her current building project in Hinsdale, and what advice she gives to young people interested in pursuing me...

Sylvia Grachen from Hinsdale Barber Shop

Sylvia Grachen shares the history of the barber shop her father started in 1972. Hinsdale Barber takes pride in knowing that it has become a tradition for many of the ...

Patrick Fortelka from Moment Design

In this week’s episode of the Brand Your Practice Podcast, Brent talks to Patrick Fortelka from Moment Design Architecture about how he got started and what he's learn...

Margot Barber from The Hinsdale Area Moms Network

Brent talks to Margot Barber from Hinsdale Area Moms Network about how she ended up in Hinsdale and why she decided to create a support network for local moms.

Dr. Carrie Thangamani from CHT Orthodontics

Brent talks to Dr. Carrie Thangamani from CHT Orthodontics about how she got started and what it takes to run a local small business.

Hinsdale Local Podcast Introduction

Hear the stories and journeys of business owners and entrepreneurs who call Hinsdale their home.

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